Wednesday, November 12, 2014

First Primary Program

This past Sunday was Mariel's first Primary program in sacrament meeting. As a Sunbeam, she went up with her class to the pulpit and said her part perfectly. What really brought tears to our eyes though was when she got up to the pulpit by herself and sang a solo, with all the sweet innocence of the little girl that she is. She sang "I'm trying to be Like Jesus", all by herself, sweet ad clear. Chris and I couldn't hold back the tears, as well as many of the congregation. The entire Primary joined her on the chorus. What a special sacrament meeting it was! The spirit there was so strong, and we were blessed to have Mariel's Grandpa Taylor there as well. 
Like this sweet sunbeam, we are all "trying to be like Jesus", and hope to "follow in His ways". May we all remember to "love one another" and "try to show kindness in all that we do", not just during this holiday season but always.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

A first time for everything...

Back in January Chris hurt his left foot in wrestling practice. And now, after MONTHS of working with Worker's comp, he finally got it worked on. Over the past 7months he has seen different doctors and specialists, and after a few X-rays and a MRI Worker's Comp has finally agreed to approve a surgery. Our doctor still thinks he might need a bone graft, but they only approved a smaller surgery. We just hope this is all the work his foot needs!

There's a first time for everything, I guess. This whole ordeal has brought a lot of firsts for Christopher: x-rays, MRI's, surgery, and even the first time he's ever had to take prescribed pain medication.
He is a real trooper, though!
The surgery went well, (basically they drilled into his bone and re-broke it, hoping the body will jump-start to heal itself), but it took him a little while to wake up from it all.
Pretty soon though, this guy is awake, alert, and ready to go home ;) He is not allowed to put any pressure on his left foot AT ALL for at least 6 weeks (hello crutches!) and for the next week the hospital has loaned us a machine that continually compresses both his calves just to make sure there are no blood clots. Whew- a lot of work for an injury that occurred last January. We are grateful to finally have this taken care of, and are hopefully on the road to recovery!

Friday, May 16, 2014

Baseball Season...

As is custom, March normally brings the end of Wrestling season, and the beginning of Baseball season. This year, though, baseball season was a much BIGGER part of our lives: Chris was the baseball coach at his high school! Here, in no particular order, are some photos from the season. Mariel and I were great cheerleaders throughout the season, and I can proudly say that we never missed a single home game -though we were extremely late to some of them :) 
Mariel sporting Daddy's first Laker's hat
 If you can believe it, Mariel and I got sunburned in MARCH while at the first game :)

 Watching the game in style!
We ended up soaked after one game, and were so wet that it just made sense to drive home and continue to jump in puddles and play in the rain for a while longer :)
This marks the beginning and end of Chris' Baseball coaching... for now.

Wednesday, April 30, 2014


This year we combined the Allen and Taylor family traditions for Easter. We spent time together, ate lots of yummy food, and played many fun games :)
My new -and only -niece!
She was SO excited, and the first to find her basket!
The next day, on Easter Sunday, M woke up to find out if the Easter bunny had turned the jelly beans she planted had turned into lolly pops... and luckily the Easter bunny remembered :)
After a wonderful morning at church, we came home to dye eggs together.
 I got busy and made a bunny cake, as well as our Easter dinner...
 We ate dinner out in our sunroom -and it was fantastic!
We really enjoyed being together. After dinner we watched a Living Scriptures video (cartoon animation of bible stories) called "He is Risen", and talked afterwards about Christ and his resurrection. Chris and I had some great discussions with Mariel, and I think she internalized a bit more what we were really celebrating this season.